Mentoring Guidelines

  • Be sure to introduce yourself and share a little bit about what you do.
  • Share your experience, but don’t do the work for them. Help teams get to the answers to their question quicker.
  • Engage trams around their “scrum” board or brains stormings. What haven’t they thought of to add to their list? Where are they stuck?
  • Be patient with learners; don’t expect participant to understand  a new concept the first time or the manner in which you explain. If you get stuck, collaborate with another mentor.
  • If you feel that a team is taking to much time away, tell them that you need to help more participants, but you can come again later to help them with their issue or answer new questions.
  • If there’s not enough time in the hackathon to come up with a final solution, then help teams to manage their expectations and goals so that participants are able to achieve some accomplishments.
  • Encourage team to give their presentation and give constructive feedback.
  • Can’t be here the whole weekend, but really connected with a team or two? Share your contact info and collaborate online.
  • Have fun.