Criterio de los Jueces

You deserve to know how your project will be judged!

Here’s a list of the criteria that judges will take into consideration when evaluating your projects. Judges will have a rubric that maps a project’s qualities to an integer, ranging from 0 to 3. The resulting numbers are then summed to determine the best software for each category (science, math, computer science, languages, and educational video game) and the top 3 prizes. If you feel your project doesn’t fit all the criteria, don’t fret, we want to see all of your works! We’ll do our best to reward your efforts, and the Engine-4 – Imaginary Sense team is open to help take all projects further.

Project Criteria

Problem definition

What issue is the team trying to solve and how do they go to achieve it?


How well does the software satisfies students’ and teachers’ needs?


Did the demo work? How well did it perform?


How reasonable is to further develop the project within a 6 month timeframe?


How hard is it for schools and other entities to run this software?

Game mechanics (gameplay)

How fun is it to play?


How does the project add value over existing solutions?

Full Judgement Criteria

Published on December 4, 2018

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