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Photo Pop es un juego para ayudar estudiantes a aprender idioma en una forma diferente y divertida. La meta es competir con el reloj para teclar las palabras correctas que aparecen dentro del circulo.

Photo Pop is a game to help children learn language in a unique and fun way. The goal is to compete against the clock to type the correct words that are targeted by the circle.  As a language teacher

The game is built to focus on visual learning and speed of recall. The clock component helps language learners to overcome the ‘fear’ and pressure that comes with actually using their vocabulary.

When developing software for a school system it is important to be equally cognizant of the needs of the students, teachers, and administration.

How does this help students?

    Photo Pop allows students to test their knowledge of relevant curriculum vocabulary.

     Spelling practice

Students can compete with their peers for the highest score in the class.

The repetition is important and speeds up recall.

How does Photo Pop help teachers?

  Can be aligned with standards that coincide with the lesson.

The vocabulary list can be edited to include words that may have come up in class discussion. A traditional textbook is much more rigid in terms of content.

Scores can be recorded automatically which will save time on grading.

   How it serves administration?

Metrics. Admin can save and see student performance, and hopefully improvement, over time.